Stroke Support & Yoga Group
This group was first started in September 2015 by disabled members and volunteers on a Wednesday afternoon. The group started with just two members and now has around 20 attendees.
The group provides a friendly support environment to stroke survivors and their cares, followed by a yoga session which is specifically aimed at improving cognitive skills and functioning, mobility and co-ordination following a stroke.  

An improvement in a person’s health and wellbeing reduces the likelihood of further rehabilitation being needed and avoids mental health and other health issues.  This helps people regain independence, not having to rely on others to do simple tasks at home, helping people to live more independently for longer, reducing homecare needs, trips and falls, easing responsibilities on carers and reducing GP visits, admittance to hospital and work-load for social workers and other health care professionals.

This group is particularly popular with younger stroke survivors, aged under 65 years old and those that may have reservations about attending a ‘day service’, as they have only just had their stroke and are still coming to terms with their newly acquired disability.  
Several members of the group have been encouraged to join in with other activities at DRUM, on other days, accessing more services, social events and providing their carers with additional respite and support.

Wednesday afternoons, 1-3pm  Tel: 01923 442114

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